Travel Writing

As a student, I spent summer vacations hitch-hiking 7,000 miles round North America and, after working in the Middle East, travelling back through Turkey and Eastern Europe. After university, and before qualifying as a solicitor, I travelled overland through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I caught a travel bug from which I will never be cured.

I have continued to travel to out of the way places, whenever the opportunity has arisen. By travelling, I have learnt not only about the people, the geography, the culture, the religions and the history of the countries that I have visited, but also about my own country and myself. I have kept a diary on all these journeys and, from time to time, have written up descriptions of the people I have met and the places I have visited. Some of these have been published. I would like to share these experiences.

The Boat to Timbuktu  - a pinasse along the River Niger to Timbuktu (2000)

Canoeing in the Wilderness  - paddling through the Algonquin National Park in Northern Ontario (2008)

The Slow Train to Modern Europe  - the end of a long cycle ride in the Ukraine (1993)

Between the Mountains and the Sea  - forests and churches in the Catalan foothills of the Pyrenees (1998)

Inti Raymi  - Festival of the Inca Sun God (1994)

Potosi - Bolivia's Silver City (1994)

A Short Walk in the Karakoram  - the trek up the Baltoro Glacier to K2 Base Camp (2012)

Baltisan - a tourist Shangri-La?  - coming over the border from China into Pakistan's Hunza Valley (2011)

A week in Iraqi Kurdistan  (2009)

The Joys of Travel; the Legacies of War  - Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovenia (2008)

Vietnam - the ancient trading port of Hoi An  (1994)

Samarkand and Bukhara - winter in Central Asia during the Soviet era (1983)

A Postcard form Armenia  - a long week-end in Armenia (2001)

Transylvania - a cycling trip through the Saxon villages of Transylvania (1992)

Return to Transylvania  (2010)

Ethiopia  (2001)

Walking in the Cevennes  (1981)