There are many photographers who are far more technically proficient than me.  But anyone who owns a camera and thinks about subject, composition and lighting can take a good photograph.


The two galleries, Portraits 1 and Portraits 2, linked to this page contain portraits of people that I have photographed around the world.  Many are included in one world one view, the book of my photos published in 2007 to raise money for the African Children's Educational Trust (A-CET).  The two galleries contain photographs of over 150 people.  The differences in their dress and appearance, the result of their different races, nationalities, ages, gender and religion, are superficially obvious. Yet these portraits demonstrate the common cares and concerns of people all over the world the need to make a living, to farm, to buy and sell food, to care for children, to travel, to worship (or not to worship) and to enjoy recreation. That is why I called my book and the two photographic exhibitions which I have organised one world one view.


You can buy a copy of one world one view by going to ACET's web site  and scrolling down to "other ways to help" at the bottom left hand side of their home page.


More recently I have added galleries of portrait photos taken recently in Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh and the remote Omo Valley region of South Western Ethiopia. Click on Vietnamese Portraits, Burmese Portraits, Faces of Bangladesh or Ethiopia - South Omo Valley.


Java 2010 contains photos of Borobodur Temple and Bromo Volcano which I took in Indonesia.

Copyright. All the photos in these albums are copyright protected. However, they can be copied and reproduced for personal use provided that acknowledgement is given. Permission is required for the reproduction of any photos for commercial use. "Commercial" includes any activity which involves the user receiving any income or benefit of any kind. Permission will usually be given in return for a donation to charity and provided that acknolwedgement is given - please contact me.