Judicial Career

Circuit Judge from 2004 to 2018 

(Resident Judge Peterborough and Huntingdon Crown Courts from 2011 to 2014)

I sit in both crime and civil.

Recorder/Assistant Recorder from 1999 to 2004

District Judge from  1995 to2004

Deputy District  Judge from 1989 to1995


Career in Practice

Partner, Bindman and Partners (London) from 1985 to 1995

Solicitor, Nash and Dowell (London) from 1984 to1985

Solicitor, Camden Community Law Centre from 1978 to1983


I was admitted as a solicitor in 1978.

M.A. Law (Cantab) (2:1 in both parts of the tripos)


Writing and publishing


Civil Procedure ("The White Book"), member of Senior Editorial Board, since 2004, contributor since 1999

Experts in the Civil Courts (OUP) ed. Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC, contributor, 2006

Defending Possession Proceedings (Legal Action Group), 8 edns, from 1987 to 2016

Annotated Housing Statutes (Sweet and Maxwell), 2 edns, 2003 and 2005

Housing Law Casebook (Legal Action Group), 7 edns, from 1996 to 2017

Debt and Housing - Emergency Procedures (Legal Action Group), 1993

Tribunal Practice (Law Society) contributor, 1988

Tribunals Practice and Procedure (Legal Studies and Services Ltd) contributor, 1985

English Roots - a family history (Alan Sutton), 1995

one world one view (photographs)(African Children's Educational Trust), 2007


Contributor to Law Society's Gazette, New Law Journal, Solicitors Journal, Legal Action, Justice of the Peace, Journal of Housing Law, Criminal Law Review, Landlord and Tenant Review, Family Law, Association of District Judges Law Bulletin, Judicial Studies Board Journal, The Times (Law Section), The Guardian and Civil Justice Quarterly.

Most of my writing has been on legal topics (e.g. housing law, civil procedure, expert evidence, criminal law etc), but accounts of visits to courts in other jurisdictions and some of my travel writing have also been published (e.g. in International Tours and Tourism News and the Pamir Times).

Law Reports

Consulting editor United Kingdom Human Rights Reports, from February 2000 to 2011

Legal lecturing and training

Member of Judicial Studies Board/Judicial College tutor team since c1997, both as a lecturer and a syndicate leader, including Craft of Judging, Business of Judging, Judge as Communicator, Civil Continuation, Civil Recorder Induction, Human Rights Act, Deputy District Judge induction, country-wide seminars on Housing Act 1996, Anti-social Behaviour, and circuit based civil and criminal refreshers.

Member of Judicial College International Board from 2011 to 2014.

I have given lectures on expert evidence for the Expert Witness Institute and the Academy of Experts, and to Scottish judges (organised by the Scottish JSB) and the BMA.

I have given lectures on the evidence of children and civil claims at international conferences in France, Belgium and Ireland, organised, by the Council of Europe and the Franco-British-Irish Judicial Committee.

I wrote and have updated the chapter on possession claims in the JSB Bench Book. I planned the JSB training CD-ROM on possession claims, wrote its text and voice-overs, was involved in liaising with the designers, arranged the links to statutes and case summaries and recorded one of the voice-overs for the CD-ROM.

Prior to appointment as a judge, I lectured on an ad hoc basis for Brunel University (law for social workers), Goldsmiths College (criminal law for youth workers), Shelter (housing law for practitioners), the Legal Action Group (accredited courses for practitioners), the Law Society (on advocacy skills, civil procedure, judicial review and housing law at national conferences), local law societies, barristers' chambers and solicitors' firms and commercial providers (e.g. Family Law and Jordans).

Legal committees and working groups

I have been a member of a number of legal committees and working groups, including

Civil Justice Council  2004 - 2006

Civil Justice Council Experts' Committee (chair) 2004 - 2008

Civil Justice Council Housing and Land Committee 2001 - 2011

Civil Procedure Rules Committee (co-opted for CPR Pt 55 and 56) 2001

Deputy Chairman North West London Advisory Committee 2008 - 2010

Chairman North West London Advisory Committee 2010 - 2011

Franco-British-Irish Judicial Committee  2001 - 2012

Law Society's Civil Litigation Committee1992 -1995

Law Society's Housing Sub-Committee 1987-1992

Joint Working Party of the Bar and Law Society on Civil Procedure

("Heilbron/Hodge Committee  1991 - 1993

London Legal Aid Area Committee  1988 - 1995

Lord Woolf's Access to Justice Housing Working Party 1996 - 1998

Nuffield Foundation Advisory Panel on the Paths to Justice

Research project chaired by Dame Brenda Hale 1996 - 1999

Founder member of the Housing Law Practitioners' Association.

Legal policy work

Seconded in 2000 to the Law Commission for three months to write a scoping study on reform of housing law which eventually resulted in the Law Commission Report Renting Homes.

I played an important role in drafting two CPR Protocols on Expert Evidence and Possession Claims and then liaising with other organisations and committees (often with conflicting views) to generate support and ensure their implementation.

January to March 2008, drafted tests for Judicial Appointments Commission to be completed by candidates seeking appointment as Recorders and Circuit Judges.

Human Rights Missions to Ankara (Amnesty International,1990) and Mexico (FIDH, 1991).

Photographic Exhibitions

My photographs have been exhibited in Harrow, Bloomsbury and Oxford (one world, one view) and Swiss Cottage (Faces of Bangladesh).