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Mr Madge's beautifully written book  is not simply a history of a family in Derbyshire, but a pattern of the history of thousands of similar English families all over the country at this time.

This handsomely produced book, a joy to own and a perfect present for a friend, contains a wealth of detail about everyday life in England throughout the last three and a half centuries and will surely encourage its readers to begin their own family histories.

Family Tree Magazine September 1996.

Nic Madge, has, through the eyes of one family, recounted the social and economic history of the last 350 years; a journey from a rural hamlet to a vast industrial city; form a simple self-sufficient way of life to a complete urban economy. English Roots is well-illustrated with plans and photographs. A must for those interested in local history or genealogy.

Peak Advertiser 24 March 1997.

It's a long trail back from a present-day lawyer to a 17th century crofter in a Derbyshire hamlet.But Nic Madge has followed it and uncovered it all in almost miraculous detail. His research paints a vivid picture of what life was like in rural Derbyshire during two centuries and afterwards in industrially developing Manchester .

Derby Evening Telegraph 4 March 1996

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