Judicial Training and Courts Abroad



Throughout my career, I have sought to promote the interests of justice in other countries, as well as in England and Wales.

When in practice, I participated in Human Rights missions in Turkey and Mexico.  As a judge, I gave lectures at international conferences in France, Belgium and Ireland, organised by the Council of Europe and the Franco-British-Irish Judicial Committee.  

I was a member of the Judicial Studies Board/Judicial College International Board from 2011 to 2014 and delivered international training for them.  From 2019 to 2022, I was a member of the Slynn Foundation team providing support to the judiciary in Tanzania.  I have recently been the lead expert designing and delivering training courses for the judiciary in Cyprus and part of a Council of Europe project,

For more details, see my international training biography

 I have visited courts and spoken to judges in many countries including Ghana, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Bhutan, France, USA and Canada. 

Follow the links below for short descriptions of some of those other courts.

A morning in a Sri Lankan Magistrates Court
A busy list in Galle. (2003)

Justice in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
The courts in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan (2003)

A Morning in a Ghanaian District Court
The Cape Coast District Court on a hot day (2004)

A compelling judgment
Reflections on the South African Constitutional Court (2005)

 A Gambian Drug Court 
The Banjul Magistrates Court, with cannabis blowing around the court room (2009)

Tough Justice in Singapore
Two day trial of man charged with littering by throwing two cigarette butts in the street (2010)

The Trial of a Canadian Cannabis Gardener
A self-representing defendant in the Supreme Court of British Colombia in Vancouver (2012)