Nic Madge - Publications



Civil Procedure (The White Book) annually from 2004, member of Senior Editorial Board

Housing Law Casebook (Legal Action Group with Madge-Wyld), 7th edn, 2017

Defending Possession Proceedings (Legal Action Group with McConnell, Gallagher, Madge-Wyld Luba), 8th edn, 2016 

one world, one view (A-CET) introduction and 118 photographs, 2007

Experts in the Civil Courts (OUP) ed. Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC , contributor, 2006.

Judicial Studies Board, contributed to ASBO guidance for judges

Annotated Housing Statutes 2005 (Sweet and Maxwell) 517pp

Judicial Studies Board, Civil Bench Book (2001)  contributed section on possession proceedings and injunctions under Housing Act 1996 Part V (63 pp)

Civil Procedure (The White Book) annually 2000 to 2004, editor

Civil Procedure, A White Book Service, 1999, editor

Supreme Court Practice (The White Book) 1999, editor

Housing Act Update (Housing Law Practitioners Association), 24pp, 1997

English Roots - a family history (Alan Sutton) 168pp, 1995

Debt and Housing - Emergency Procedures (Legal Action Group, with Duncan Forbes) 374pp, 1993

Tribunal Practice (Law Society) contributed chapter on Rent Regulation, 36pp, 1988

Leaseholders' Rights Guide (Shelter Housing Aid Centre) 32pp, 1986

Tribunals Practice and Procedure (Legal Studies and Services Ltd) contributed chapter on Rent Regulation, 85pp, 1985

Out of School - Legal Responsibility for Children (British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres) 10pp, 1981

Troubled By The Law? - a practical guide for playleaders and youth workers (National Youth Bureau) 16pp, 1978