Housing Law Casebook

Reviews of this and earlier editions
"an immensely important book for practitioners"

Civil Justice Quarterly

"impressive coverage of all the topics - an invaluable work of reference for non lawyers working in the housing field, and an equally indispensible point of first reference for their legally qualified colleagues"
Justice of the Peace

"busy practitioners will find that it undoubtedly saves them hours of research - an essential addition to the library of any person, lay or legal"

New Law Journal

"of great assistance to housing practitioners .. a useful addition to any housing practitioner's library"

Journal of housing law

"an excellent addition to any legal practitioner's library - the book provides a wealth of cases in accessible form and should save hours of research"

Law Society's Gazette

"A great reference book"

The Letting Update Journal

"of immense practical use to anyone working in the field of housing law. It is clear and concise, well indexed"

  London Housing News

"invaluable - worth its weight in gold. This new volume goes far beyond expectations and should become a key source of initial reference for almost any housing matter. ... well-ordered and accessible ... the principal point of reference to all housing advisors and practitioners. An indispensible purchase."

The Advisor

"a highly recommended reference tool"

Solicitors Journal

"an invaluable addition to the bookshelves ...  it is remarkable that so many individual decisions can be contained in just one book."

Legal Aid review

"The case summaries are succinct and the practical implications of the decisions are clear ...  a standard resource in any housing practitioner's armoury ... a vital reference book ... an excellent book"


"an essential addition to any housing practitioner's library"

Independent Lawyer

You can order a copy of the Housing Law Casebook from the Legal Action Group's web site www.lag.org.uk